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Timeless Teachings in a Changing World
PCLA is dedicated to providing  high quality elementary, middle and high school classes to the community in Newton, Rockdale, Henry counties and surrounding areas. It is the goal of PCLA to provide our students with classroom opportunities that are taught in a Christian environment by highly qualified teachers. We work with the parent to enrich and support your homeschool environment, and not only promote learning through academic excellence and achievement, but also the opportunity to develop lasting friendships between home-educated students. Students can take one or all of their classes with us.

We are dedicated to parent-led Christian education, and believe that the commitment and involvement of the family provides a firm foundations for student success.
To truly understand the heart behind PCLA, we encourage you to come and meet us. Please review the materials on this website and the contact us to schedule a time to visit. We hope to see you soon.
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