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Frequently Asked Questions

What is accreditation?

Accreditation could be viewed as an insurance policy in the event that your child must re-enter the public or private school arena. Your child’s credits will be readily accepted by most high schools. This accrediting portion of our program will carry the name Paragon Academy. Students who graduate from Paragon Academy are eligible to enter Georgia colleges without the homeschool mandates; they are also eligible for the Hope Scholarship upon graduation, and they have access to PSAT, National Society of High School Scholars, college fairs, workshops and other programs.

What is the cost of accreditation?

Accreditation Fees for 2023/2024: $350 per year. For example, if your student is entering the 11th grade from a non-accredited program, you will be required to pay the accreditation fee for the 9th and 10th-grade years. Students transferring from another accredited program are exempt and are not required to the extra fees. Please be advised that payment of the accreditation fees does not guarantee accreditation. Failure to adhere to the policies, procedures, and guidelines of PCLA will result in the loss of the student’s accreditation status, and all fees will be forfeited.

All Accreditation Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Who are we accredited through?

What am I responsible for?

Georgia Accrediting Commision

The responsibilities of the participating families are as follows:

1. Fill out the “Course of Study” form at the beginning of each school year showing the courses your child will be taking and curriculum to be used.


2. Turn in grades quarterly (4 times a year including semester average) for all classes being taken at home or with a non-PA tutor.


3. Each accredited student must take a cumulative, subjective final exam at PA in each

homeschooled subject and turn in four graded tests for each homeschooled subject. The final exam in each subject must be taken and graded at Paragon Academy. The parent must provide the answer sheet to the monitor for this purpose.

What is Paragon Academy responsible for?

The responsibility of the Paragon Academy accrediting program:

1. Maintain an accredited transcript on each student. This transcript will only be available after the student has been in our program for a minimum of one year.


2. Provide testing times and an appropriate place for the monitored tests.


3. Provide counsel to the families on curriculum choice, student progress and other particular needs of the homeschooled high school student.


4. Issue a completed transcript to secondary or post secondary schools and or military schools upon written request.


5. Submit the necessary documentation on each graduating student with an grade point average of 3.0 or higher in order to ensure eligibility in the Hope Scholarship program.


6. Provide PSAT tests in the junior year.

College Preparatory Program

4 credits in Language Arts (each course must be integrated with literature, grammar and usage, and composition)

  • Comparative Literature & Composition or 9th Grade LA

  • World Literature & Composition (required)

  • American Literature & Composition (required)

  • British Literature & Composition (required)


4 credits in Mathematics

  • Algebra 1

  • Geometry

  • Algebra 2

  • 4th Math (Advanced Math, Pre-Calculus, College Algebra, Trig, Calculus, Math III-Adv Algebra/Statistics)


3 credits in Social Science and History 

  • American History (required)

  • World History (required)

  • 3rd SS course (World Geography, Economics, Government, Current Events, Constitutional Theory)


4 credits in Science

  • Biology (required)

  • Physical Science or Physics (1 credit from this group is required)

  • Chemistry, Earth Science or Environmental Science (1 credit from this group is required)

  • 4th Science of your choice


1 credit in Health (may be 1/2 Health and 1/2 PE)


2 credits of Foreign Language (consecutive years in the same language)


5 credits in Electives (1 credit in Fine Arts or Technology is recommended)

Career/Technology Preparatory Program

This program is for those not attending college but may choose to attend technical college.

4 credits in High School level Language Arts
4 credits in Mathematics (must include Algebra 1)
3 credits in Social Science and History (should include World History and American

4 credits in Science (including biological and physical sciences)
1 credit in Health (may be 1/2 Health and 1/2 PE)
7 credits in Electives (1 credit in Fine Arts or Technology is recommended)

Rigor Requirements

In order to qualify for the HOPE Scholarships, 4 course rigor requirements must be completed, as well as 3.0 GPA.

In order to qualify for the Zell Miller Scholarship, 4 course rigor requirements, 3.7 GPA and the  necessary SAT/ACT score. 

Rigor courses are the following:
1. Each AP classes
2. Each Dual Enrollment classes
3. The 4th Math (Advanced Math, Pre-Calculus, Trig, Calculus, Math III - Advanced


4. Anatomy & Physiology, Chemistry, Physics, Forensic Science

5. 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year Foreign Languages
6. Constitutional Theory



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